about lantermans


In the perspective of Jan Kees Lantermans stone-carving is about denying the original form by maximal transforming it. The massive and rigid character of a rock needs to be transformed into a light and plastic form.

To deny the rock furthermore he finds it important to give the sculpture a sense of movement, apparently bent through time.

"Only nature is capable of making stone fluid. For me sculpting is provoking nature."


Both art- and architecture gives Lantermans clues for essential compositions. By studying these disciplines and freely combining them, new sculptures originate from his mind.

Typical qualities of these sculptures are their monumentality, their rhythm and the absence of a back- or lower side.

This absence gives Lantermans as a sculptor and any owner continual influence on how the sculpture will be (re)positioned.


The sculptures are realized in different dimensions and sorts of stone. Marble, Belgian bluestone and granite are a couple of examples.

If you have any questions about Lantermans or his work, please contact him via info@lantermans.nl. (This e-mail is protected against spambots. You need Javascript to see it.)

© Jan Kees Lantermans (1976), sculptor